To The Farm Team,

One day at a time! Humble yourself, Gratitude! Benefits of sobriety! These were all sayings I often heard when I first came around. The individuals referencing these phrases were the ones that had everything I thought I was entitled to having.

The Farm Team taught me that I needed to change my thinking. Once that happened, my life would start to change as well. That statement could not be more true.

A second chance is what I looking for. The Farm Team gave me exactly that, a second chance. From all the stages in my recovery: rehab, recovery house, assistance with employment, to the life I lead today, the guidance and support the team gave me though my journey has been truly amazing.

“Life beyond my wildest dreams” they say. I would not be able to say these words if it were not for The Farm Team.

I am and will be forever grateful to everyone associated with the Team! You taught me the meaning of the four phases above, and helped me think and live by them on a daily basis.

Today my life is beyond my wildest dreams!

Thank you for everything you do!

September 6th, 2016

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